WE SEARCH Festival

We had an idea. We wanted to meet all our fellow searchers, so we decided to organise an event.

What is it?

An annual festival of astronomical observing taking place over three days near the end of February each year, organised in conjunction with the experts at Skyview Scopes.

Last year’s event took place from 20 to 24 February 2019 in London. Unfortunately, our 2020 festival has been cancelled due to unprecedented events taking place in the UK at the present time.

What to expect

Listen to informative and inspirational talks and panel discussions featuring some of the expert contributors to our monthly magazine ORBIT, and other well known planetary science researchers and communicators.

Watch demonstrations of the latest specialist astronomical software conducted by the experts at Skyview Scopes and take part in observing sessions into the evening (weather permitting).

Browse two halls of exhibits featuring the widest range of equipment, gadgets, literature and information, selected for the beginner through to the seasoned expert. We are always looking for new ideas for exhibits that will be of interest to searchers such as we.

After its success last year, the informal parallel session “42” will return on Friday and Saturday evenings, showcasing all things space talk – from current issues to creative writing and comic stand up to quizzes and competitions.


With so much going on, we know you’ll be as hungry as a Great Bear. We want everyone to eat, and visiting vegans are no exception – by which we mean humans on that kind of diet – but we also welcome vegans in the neighbourhood from α-Lyrae (if they can travel the 25 light years in time).

As in previous years there will be healthy snacks at The Light Year cafe and a constellation of food stalls in The Big Dipper marquee. Even better is that, after last year’s success, we will again have three marquees on Friday and Saturday evening – serving drinks in The Space Bar, offering early evening dining at The Plate Scale, and playing live music late into the evening at The Third Rock. (We have been granted late night and alcohol licences partly because our attendees were so well-behaved last year – let’s keep it that way.)

We look forward to welcoming all our members next year.

WE SEARCH is a concept, invented as part of a TV drama script about SEARCH, its activities and its members.

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